FNaF World: Official game available to buy and download

FNaF World: Official game available to buy and download

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FNaF World, the official game by Scott Cawthon was released on February 19th, 2016 . It’s now available for you to download and add your cart! If you are the loyal fan of FNaF games, you should not ignore this great occasion. If you want to watch more about FNaF World, you can follow the trailer below:
Watch FNaF World

Play FNaF World, take part in an epic adventure, fight against all owner of the underground world, beat them, and help your clan win! To complete every challenge and take over the new world, you need to wisely guide the animatronics, which coming from FNaF games. Each of them will hide many unique skills. With various weapons, you can choose and launch critical hits at wicked robots. Don’t let them restore the energy or get the higher score! If you want to survive and unlock the next stage, you should heal members.

To download and play the demo version,click here:
Download FNaF World

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